Indy Convergence

The Indy Convergence strives to empower and connect artists from all backgrounds to communities, other artists and cultures in an inclusive, collaborative environment. We push artists to constantly explore new ways of creating and interacting with people from any background, country, and at any age. Our programs from professional development intensives to community engagement put “Artists at Work” to their fullest potential at all stages of development.

Our Signature Program: “Convergence”

A Convergence is our two week residency program for professional and aspiring artists who have a desire to push their limits, collaborate across disciplines, and develop their teaching skills. Participants are chosen through an application process based on their project and workshop proposals, resume, and desire to work in collaborative environment.

Over a two week period each artist:

  • Participates in one wholly collaborative “Umbrella Project” around a predetermined work or theme
  • Develops their own “Side Project” and participates in rehearsals for other Side Projects
  • Teaches at least one “Workshop” in their field of expertise at an introductory level
  • Participates in a culminating presentation where work is shared in an open lab environment with the coal community.