At Sundown

AT SUNDOWN is an exploration of memory, aging and sundowning, a phenomenon often experienced by people with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. This syndrome causes agitation and hallucinations during the daily cycle, especially as the evening approaches. At Sundown is the story of the end of our lives told in our youth. It is a collectively imagined autobiography about the unraveling of memory. A joyous physical theater collage about clinging to the past and letting it go.

AT SUNDOWN stars Jenny Greer, Sallie Merkel, and Jacob Loeb with original music by Ellen Reid. AT SUNDOWN is directed by Zoe Aja Moore and the text was developed under the watchful eye of Henry Hoke. It is supported by design collaborators Ian Garrett and Martin Gimenez.

The project was initiated by producer Ian Garrett starting in August of 2008 and was developed by the ensemble through intensive performance “retreats”. AT SUNDOWN brings together the latest research on dementia and memory with the personal family histories of the artists to imagine a shared life story, told by looking back from old age in their youth.


“an example of innovative direction, with an effective use of props and sound creating an atmosphere full of potential….moments when dementia and mental illness are touched upon are truly evocative, and provide a poignant climax to this creative production.”
– Three Weeks

“At Sundown is a really imaginatively and thoughtfully composed study of the effects of Dementia… The three capable actors are extremely likeable as is this whole delightful production. I was refreshed by the sophisticated tackling of an unexamined and worthy subject matter. I would recommend you experience it before the last Sundown of the run.”
– Edinburgh Spotlight


Director: Zoe Aja Moore
Writer: Henry Hoke
Cast: Jenny Greer – Jacob Loeb – Sallie Merkel
Composer: Ellen Reid
Design: Ian Garrett – Martin Gimenez