Eternal Thou

Written from the perspective of sentient technology, ETERNAL THOU is a non-linear, fast-paced, existential sci-fi drama that fuses performance and media to explore the relationship between the ever-evolving telecommunication industry, its gadgetry, and the public it attempts to serve. From issues of Internet freedom to the existentialistic views of human existence as explored by the mystic Martin Buber, The Internet, presented as the central character of the play, is on a search for enlightenment that parallels our own.


Writer/Director – Matthew McCray
Scenic Design – Sarah Krainin
Lighting Design –  Ian Garrett
Video Design – Adam Flemming
Sound Design – Joseph ‘Sloe’ Slawinski
Costume Design – Ariel Boroff
Dramaturge – Bryan Davidson
Director’s Assistant –  Caitlin Gannon


Rachel Appelbaum, RECEIVER
Vonzell Carter, CHANNEL
Jenny Greer, SENDER
Jeffrey Johnson, FEEDBACK
Liam Springthorpe, MESSAGE (Atwater Village Theatre)
Darren Bailey, MESSAGE (South Coast Rep)