A Busy Time

Once Eternal Thou was opened, it was a crazy slope coasting to today! After a trip to Toronto to scope out my future home, when I move to join the Faculty of Fine Arts in the School of Theatre at York University as Assistant Professor of Ecological Design for Performance in August, it was a mad dash to complete three huge projects:

1) Fusebox Impact Study

With the CSPA and help of the Sustainable Theater Project in Austin, TX, I spent the 12 days of the Fusebox Festival tracking:

  • Audience Population Distribution
  • The Carbon Footprint of Audience Travel
  • Estimated Economic Impact
  • Audience Participation Trends

AND, we did it while making a generative hand made installation in the Festival Hub that represented that data to festival Attendees.

2) Sustainability in Theater Conference

The CSPA was a sponsor, and I a member of the task force to put on “Sustainability in Theater” with the Minnesota Theater Alliance; where I also hosted two sessions on global case-studies.

Not your average conference, we als had some help from google to allow 1 in 4 participants to attend remotely through a combination of Brave NEw Workshop’s webcasting partner Qwikcast and Google+ Hangouts On Air!

There will also be a report that will come out at the TCG conference, in Boston in the middle of June, that will highlight how this saved a whole lotta carbon footprint AND affected the field.

3) Indy Convergence 2012

FINALLY (unless you count a wedding I attended) I spend May 4th – 18th in Indianapolis back for a 5th Indy Convergence! This one was a particular pleasure because I was able to attend for the entire thing! There were some really stupendous projects this last year and I had the pleasure to work with new converging artists like Alice BeverTina ChanceySarah Weber Gallo,  Sarah Moon and Lysandra Peterson.

I also had the pleasure to work with Leila Ghaznavi again, but a new context as a creative collaborator (not just a managerial nudge!)

And I can’t forget to say that it was also a treat to work with Ashley Benninghoff, Ellen Denham, Zach Laliberte, Cindy Marie Jenkins, Josh Morris, Michael Velez and Roberta Wong again!

In Conclusion…

I’m sure I’m forgetting something.