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This page offers insight into the development of Transmission, currently my primary creative project. This page offers documentation about the development and workshops that are contributing to the final production, planned for a premiere in Edinburgh in 2017.

For more information about the public production of Transmission, the project’s website is:


Transmission is a distributed performance and podcast series that speculates on the effect of discovering intelligent alien life on earth and two brilliant sisters when we begin to receive the popular broadcasts of another civilization.

Transmission brings together 6 years of parallel development in dramatic storytelling and immersive media. Starting with the concept of “Technological Haunting” or the use of immersive media recording techniques to embed site specific performance in the landscape as geolocated experiences of past events, this project is the first use of these techniques, developed by project leader Ian Garrett, to tell a story that builds a world across a large urban area. After years of story and technology development, performance workshops, residencies, coordination with festivals, and partnership development, Transmission will be premiere in Edinburgh in summer of 2017.

In Transmission, we know we are no longer alone in the universe as we begin to receive the popular broadcasts of an alien civilization 4.25 light years away. A new shared space race is ignited as we work to decipher the broadcasts and send a delegation on the trip of a few lifetimes. Transmission tells the story of two brilliant sisters, first generation Canadians whose parents are Syrian Refugees who were relocated to Toronto as children, selected to join a mission to be the first to meet our celestial neighbours. But one decides to go, and one decides to stay. This project asks: what is loneliness in a universe in which we know we aren’t alone? What does it mean to say goodbye to your family to lead humanity into being an interstellar race?

This project is researching the creation of a system for technologically “haunting” locations with performance-based artwork through a combination of geo-location, mobile device-based sensors, and augmented reality. This “haunting” system will be designed for existing mobile platforms (iOS and Android) to allow the user to locate and view site-specific, performance-based artwork in the same context that it was created and intended to be experienced. It will investigate the feasibility of “time-shifting” the experience of a live performance, making it accessible at a later time, while maintaining its intrinsic relationship to its original location.

The pre-recorded components will primarily consist of two components. One part  will be the recording of audio content to be used as part of a 15-part podcast series to be used as prologue and pre-show content for the live performance series in which we interview leading researchers and scientists about what it would take to get this far into space. The other component will be the recording of 360 video shorts and Binaural audio recordings as part of the multi-site project.

Recent Updates


Nikon KeyMission 360 Tests – A Day in the Park

Our Nikon KeyMission 360 arrived recently. It has had some mixed reviews which I believe stem from the nearly useless mobile app which you could use as a remote. The app is infuriating and doesn’t work on many mobile devices (such as an iPhone 7). I was able to get it to work on an…

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 1.56.59 PM

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh 360

This video is important as a site which we plan to involve in one scene in Transmission. There has been a number of sites we’ve been looking at across the city in the last little bit, but the weather has limited our ability to get the type of view we want to work with at…


Edinburgh Spherical Location Scouting

To get a sense of the locations with which we hope to work, we ventured around town with a Ricoh Theta S to get some test footage and still. The footage is a little low resolution for our needs, but was good to capture. Unfortunately it was a bit overcast and the videos are darker…


Edinburgh Cafe Field Recordings

As part of a scouting day, we took the field recorder into a few preferred coffee shops in Edinburgh to judge the acoustic possibilities of using that space. This is both to investigate what the recording would sound like and what the ambient noise level would be.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 1.23.22 PM

The Fossil Cliffs of Maria Island, Tasmania, Australia

I was invited to share the developing work on immersive site-specific recording as part of the Performance Studies International Performance + Design Working Group symposium in Tasmania this year. Here are some samples of the work. Samples This is a combined spherical and binaural recording of the Fossil Cliffs on Maria Island. The end project,…

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 12.25.00 PM

Spherical Video Workshop at Indy Convergence

Though the convergence was a much more simple and short convening this year, we did get in a lot of playing with spherical video. A playlist is below. There are some videos which are the same, but the audio has been replaced with a separate binaural recording.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 1.53.26 PM

Rallentando Spherical Video Overlays

Gwenyth Dobie and William Mackwood of Out of the Box Productions allowed me to borrow their performance installation Rallentando to do some initial immersive recordings and overlays. It was an interesting experiment, since their project is about immersion accomplished through video mapping into a space to create a technological approach to the idea of Forest Bathing.…


R05 Binaural Audio Tests on the TTC

This is a set of Binaural audio field recordings on the TTC on April 13, 2016 to test different settings on a Roland R-05.


Transmission Footage from 2015 Indy Convergence

Thanks to Charles Borowicz who followed the progress of Transmission during the 2015 Indy Convergence. This video was compiled for writer Maggie Sulc in associated with the Volcano Emerging Artists Program. Our work opened the door to the story we re telling now.

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